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Silas J. Dirge is the moniker adopted by songwriter Jan Kooiker. Combining an acoustic folk sound with Morriconesque guitars, he sings about everyday subjects like giving in to your black soul and having conversations with Death.
Kooiker released his debut album Tales of Woe in Dec 2018. He wrote and recorded it with the help of friend and guitarist Harald de Ruiter with whom he played in alt-country band The Information. The result was a dark semi-acoustical album containing mostly, well, pretty woeful tales.

On the album Kooiker plays most of the acoustical instruments and some electric guitars himself but the bulk of the electric guitar parts were played by Harald de Ruiter. Double bass is being played by Thomas van Voorst (Bek vol Zand) and additional spoken vocals by Justin Zandbergen.
The American gothic style artwork was created by Yorick Bergsma, who also plays harp on the track On the Train of Aches.