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I'm a songwriter, recording/mixing engineer and sound designer based in The Netherlands. I release music under the moniker Silas J. Dirge, help others record and produce their music, and compose music for documentaries/films and enhance their sound.
I have played in bands for as long as I can remember. My first band was a punk rock trio with a couple of friends (yes, we wanted to be Nirvana). I enjoyed writing songs while staying in the background playing bass. I hesitantly started singing backing vocals and slowly lost the nerve to put myself out there, up in front of the stage. Nowadays I prefer doing things on my own while now and then inviting friends over to write and record tunes.
Recording music is also something I've been doing for quite a while now and something I love almost as much as the writing part. For me it's an extension of the writing process.
Some of my tunes are written specifically for film/documentaries - let's call 'em soundtracks - and some just end up in films without premeditation.
When working on a soundtrack I'm usually in charge of handling the sound design of the film as well. This is a craft I got into along the way and gives me the opportunity to perfectly match my music to the sound of the film and vice versa.
Below you'll find a bit more on my music.