Silas J. Dirge


Devil's in Town is the second single from Silas J. Dirge's upcoming album. The song's story is a metaphor about making a pact with the devil going awry.

Flowers on her Grave is a country murder ballad. It tells the horrid story of Rosie, or better, of her haunting ghost and the peculiar misfortunes she brings upon those who get too close to her grave. The song is the first of a few singles to be released, preceding Silas J. Dirge's sophomore album.

Tales of Woe is Silas J. Dirge's debut album. This gothic country album takes you on a journey through a dark and disturbing world where nothing is what it seems and even Death himself has no clue what is going on.


Silas J. Dirge is the moniker adopted by songwriter Jan Kooiker. With mostly character driven and story based lyrics he explores subjects like death, religion and (lost) love while accompanying himself on a beat up acoustic guitar. He is often aided by musician friends, with Harald de Ruiter and Justin Zandbergen as returning contributors.

Silas J. Dirge's debut album Tales of Woe was released in December 2018. The album got good reviews and as well as getting added to numerous Spotify playlists its song On the Train of Aches was used as a soundtrack for the USA short film The Final Hour Of Roger Lawrence.

In 2020 there wil be a second album. Two singles, 'Flowers on her Grave' and 'Devil's in Town' have already been released.


'If Devil's Music assigned letter grades, it would get an A+ and that still wouldn't be good enough for this deeply rewarding album.'
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'This was a surprise in the best way, and we can't wait to see what Silas produces in his upcoming sophomore album.'
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'There it is all Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, or if you want your modern versions, Phosphorescent and Oldham rolled into one.'
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'His songs are vast soundscapes, becoming more layered and rich with each listen.'
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'Silas J. Dirge makes Faustian pact with the Devil on new single'
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'Kooiker has a warm, ripened voice, that is a perfect fit for this valley of tears'
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'I love Carel Willink's paintings, their surrealism and apocalyptic landscapes make me feel slightly uncomfortable.'
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'We both have a preference for mystery and suspense.'
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'Ghost Town, as on Silas J Dirge's Morricone-influenced c'n'w parody.'
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'A wonderful song'
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