The Poor Devil

Following the acclaim of his dark debut album Tales of Woe, Netherlands-based artist Silas J. Dirge explores new territory with his sophomore release The Poor Devil. And though the shadow and spookiness of Tales... haunts the background, Silas' latest album finds its footing deep in the waters of American country music.

These ten new compositions take a more sparse, raw direction, harkening to Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and other outlaw heroes he's listened to since he was young. As Silas says, "It was a natural evolution. I've always been into country music. I've listened since I was a kid... so it's deep rooted in me. I've always wanted to make a country record."

This direction dovetailed with the lyrics and stories of The Poor Devil as well. As he explains, "I had new stories that aren't as dark as Tales of Woe. I wanted the music to match that." Tracks like the opener 'Hang Me High' and the gritty 'Flowers on Her Grave', with their raw-and-rollicking acoustic strums, would fit perfectly on the score of any classic Western film. This is country music at its finest.

Yet fans of Silas J. Dirge will find plenty of the rich musical layers on The Poor Devil they've come to expect. The Spaghetti-western guitar licks and atmospheric nuances ever-present on his debut are on this record as well. And his knack for macabre tales and characters still find their way onto it. The standout tune 'Hear its Roar (When It's Black)' is a perfect example of this musical and lyrical concoction that Silas has become known for.

So as the much anticipated New Year unfolds, be sure to start it off right with this much anticipated album from a truly fascinating singer-songwriter.

- Justin Stover, Devil's Music

Tales of Woe

Tales of Woe is Silas J. Dirge's debut album. This gothic country album takes you on a journey through a dark and disturbing world where nothing is what it seems and even Death himself has no clue what is going on.

For now this album is a digital only release, but if you're interested in owning it on VINYL or CD you can let me know by emailing me on A short message will suffice.
If enough people are interested I'll have the album pressed.